These packages are for first time clients. It will give you the best feeling and will make you happier specialy in this year of 2020

Welcome To Paradise Wellness

Clients who come to Paradise Wellness will enjoy a very cleansing and relaxing treatment that involves a Turkish style bath with a full body scrub, followed by a very soothing body massage with foam.
Paradise Wellness will take your relaxing spa day to the next level with our astonishing exotic atmosphere, colourful palm trees and beautiful waterfalls followed by small tents that have various massage and body services. Step inside and experience instant luxury and relaxation with more than 10 fragrant, warm and therapeutic rooms, all offering a wide range of treatments using various products. While receiving these services, soothing traditional music will be playing in the background for clients to relax to. Surrounded by antique Turkish decor, traditional and unique artwork, and moroccan style lounge-style seating will truly make individuals feel as if they went back in time to Turkey's golden heritage and culture. Entering Paradise Wellness feels like an escape from the norm. Individuals will find the interior design enchantingly beautiful. People who come to the Paradise Wellness will experience a warm and relaxing environment where they can simply relieve stress and feel a peace of mind.
Inviting warm, golden colors and a classic and refined design will help individuals unwind. The Paradise Wellness is an ideal oasis to treat the senses, with journeys inspired by such exotic places as, Morocco, Turkey and all of Middle East. Discover locally inspired rituals as well. Each journey incorporates traditional practices and exquisite products to deliver a memorable and unique experience.

Videos Of Our Hammam